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Smart Southport is a resource for adults experiencing challenges in one or more important areas of life. It provides you with knowledge, information, and other tools to improve the quality of your life.

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Come with a Purpose and Leave with a Plan

RECOVERY: This word is often used to mean overcoming drug and alcohol problems.
RECOVERY: is used to describe what happens to people who overcome mental health problems. The term Personal Recovery can mean recovery from physical/mental health or substance use problems.

As human beings, we are all involved in managing our mental and physical wellbeing. Handling stress, solving problems, getting along with others, coping with disappointments, and keeping a balanced life are part of everyone’s day-to-day challenges.

How we handle these challenges can make a big difference in whether we move forward, move backward, or just stay stuck. Each day, all of us are trying to stay mentally and physically well. This can be difficult when we are dealing with challenges such as mental health, substance use, and related physical health concerns.

It is very common for people who are dealing with mental health problems to use substances such as prescribed, over-the-counter, legal, and illegal drugs, attempting to make these mental health problems better. Experience shows us that this usually doesn’t work. It is also very common for people to use prescribed, over-the-counter, legal, and illegal drugs in a way that may harm their mental health.

Through Smart Southport and the SMART Recovery 4 Point Programme, you may learn more about how your mental health and substance use are related. The more you know about mental health and the more you know about substance use, the more likely you will be to make decisions that work for you.

It’s important that we don’t spend too much time and energy managing our mental health, substance use, and physical health problems. If we do, then there is not much time and energy left to accomplish goals and enjoy life.

A person’s mental health and substance use could become the centre of his/her life.
 A person may forget that he or she is a person with goals, values, strengths, needs, dreams, desires, and talents.

Instead, a person may think of him or herself as a mentally ill person or substance abuser first and foremost. Smart Southport focuses on you as a complete person first and foremost.
Sometimes, the healthcare system may focus too much on a person’s mental health or substance use problems and not pay enough attention to the person’s strengths and goals.
Many of the topics in Smart Southport are based on SMART Recovery and on research findings. These findings show that learning about these topics and applying what is learned can make a difference in lives.

Every one of us faces challenges in life - it is just part of being a person.

Lesley Rimmer
UK SMART Facilitator


"Smart Southport values, recommends and actively promotes all parts of the SMART Recovery 4-Point Programme however;
we are not part of UK SMART Recovery or the SMART Recovery Organisation and have no business connection with either entity.

UK SMART Recovery (UKSR) is a registered charity which promotes choice in recovery through a national network of mutual-aid meetings and online training programme with comprehensive teaching materials and manuals. Our Programme teaches rational, easy to learn and self-empowering skills to help participants abstain from any addictive behaviour and to develop a lifestyle that supports sustained recovery.

Teaches self-empowerment and self-reliance.
Provides meetings that are educational, supportive and focused on open discussions.
Supports the use of prescribed medications and psychological treatments where appropriate.
Can be used to tackle any form of addictive behaviour, including drugs and alcohol, gambling.
Evolves as scientific knowledge in addiction recovery evolves.

To empower people with practical skills, tools and support so that they may manage their addictive behaviour and lead satisfying and meaningful lives.

People make a choice to engage in addictive behaviours and can make a choice to stop.
Everyone has the power of choice and can choose to change unhelpful or harmful behaviours.
People are not their behaviours so stigmatising language like ‘addict’ and ‘alcoholic’ is not used.
People seeking recovery are empowered to choose what works best for them from a ‘tool box’ of methods demonstrated in meetings and also available online and in manuals.
Participants are free to engage with any other services or mutual-aid groups which they find helpful; there is no one path to recovery.

Learn More About UK SMART Recovery

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Programme - The 4-Point Programme is the heart of SMART.

Each point provides you with tools, techniques, and strategies that can help you on your journey. Many of these tools and techniques are skills you can use after you have fully recovered to help you deal with future problems and achieve more satisfaction and balance in your life.

These points are not steps. For some people, they are sequential, for others they are not. For example, some people come to SMART when they are coping with urges, having built their motivation on their own.

The Four Points Are:
1 - Building and Maintaining Motivation
2 - Coping with Urges
3 - Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours
4 - Living a Balanced Life

Learn More About UK SMART Recovery

What Makes SMART Recovery Different?
SMART is secular and advocates personal choice… People make a choice to engage in problematic and addictive behaviours. They can also make a choice to stop. Everyone has the power of choice and can choose to change unhelpful or harmful behaviours.

People are not their behaviours so language like ‘addict’ and ‘alcoholic’ is not used. People seeking recovery are empowered to choose what works best for them, from a ‘tool box’ of methods demonstrated in meetings and training materials.

Participants are free to engage with other services or mutual-aid groups which they find helpful; there is no single pathway to recovery. Once a healthy, positive and balanced lifestyle is achieved, participants are free to move on and pursue other goals in their life. 

Learn More About UK SMART Recovery

Attend a SMART Meeting in Your Area.
Meetings are structured, focus on the important work of recovery, led by trained facilitators and empower participants to explore the SMART Recovery tools and programme with the support and challenge of others. Find A Meeting.

Attend an Online Meeting
A useful way to discover if SMART meetings could be helpful to you or if you don’t have a meeting you can access locally. SMART Online.

Complete Our SMART Recovery Training
The online training is designed with two specific but differing learning streams in mind; (1) it provides participants with a deeper understanding of the programme, for personal development and (2), it provides the basic information and knowledge for those participants who may wish to qualify as registered SMART facilitators in the future.
Give It A Go!

Join The Online Forum  
Post questions or learn from answers to questions asked by others. Join The Forum. 

Learn More About UK SMART Recovery

Benefits of SMART Recovery
You will:
Learn our 4 points:
Maintaining Motivation
2. Coping With Urges
3. Managing Thoughts And Feelings
4. Living A Balanced 
Learn to use simple tools to improve your life in each area outlined by the 4 points.
Learn how to become self-empowered to change old, unhealthy habits and find new, better habits.
Be accepted into a group that believes that you have the capabilities within yourself to make things better.
Discover that groups are mutually supportive through active, interactive discussions.
Learn that you have the ability to make better choices. You can do this!!!
Be supported by trained volunteer facilitators who enthusiastically believe in what they are doing. 

Pick and Mix Your Recovery Journey - While SMART Recovery can help you as a stand-alone programme, it also can work alongside professional treatment or therapy. If you're already in addictions treatment or working with a counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist - SMART can help you practice the changes in behaviour you seek and build up a support network that can help you long after you move on from professional support. You are welcome at SMART Recovery, whether you are in treatment or not. You are welcome to use our meetings and attend other groups, such as AA or NA. Do what feels right for you and don't let others dictate what helps your recovery.

SMART Recovery groups are very structured and many people find that they also want some more informal 'peer support' or a wider recovery network. This is great and we are increasingly seeing SMART Meetings sit both within and alongside these recovery communities, such as Recovery Cafes and service user groups. The key thing here is choice.

We suggest that people seeking help with an addictive behaviour try out several alternatives and give each a go to find what works best for them - What we do know is that a lot of people find SMART Recovery helpful and come back for more.

Unhelpful labels - Perhaps you've been told, "You're an alcoholic"; "You're a drunk"; "You're weak"; "You're different from normal people”; “You will battle this for the rest of your life”; “You must stop right now and forever"; to which you may have responded, "I'll never beat this so I might as well (act out, get drunk, get stoned, smoke a pack of cigarettes, eat cookies, go shopping, harm myself) because I can never be healthy. Why bother?"

You may feel trapped in your behaviour with little hope. Hopelessness often fuels addictive behaviour. Therefore, SMART discourages the use of labels which can lead to hopelessness.

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