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TOOL: Change of Plan

In the Change-Plan worksheet, identify steps you can take toward your goal (envisioned future) and consider people who can help you get there. Create strategies to help you progress and identify signs that show you're making progress. If a strategy doesn't work, don't give up; use it as an opportunity to try something different.

You also may use this tool as a problem-solving worksheet because it can help you break large problems into smaller steps to focus your efforts so that you don't get overwhelmed.

Example Change-Plan Worksheet

Changes I Want to Make
Abstain within a week.
I want to be abstinent long-term.
I want to avoid pubs. I want to eat better.
I want to sleep better.

How Important Is It To Me To Make These Changes?
(1-10 scale)
The Most Important Reasons I Want to Make These Changes Are:
My health is failing.
I want my kids back.
I want to keep my job.
I want to have a good relationship with my ex-spouse.
How other people can help me: 

Kind of Help
Call me when I'm not feeling well.
Share her recipes for healthy meals.
Monitor my overall health.

I Will Know My Plan Is Working When:
I stay sober.
I can sleep.
I'm eating better. I make it to work on time.
I stay away from bars.
I see my doctor regularly.
Some Things That Could Interfere with My Plan Are:
Seeing a drinking friend and being pressured to go for drinks.
Having a drink.
 Isolating myself; staying inside and not exercising or eating properly.
Not going to SMART meetings.
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